If you missed the multitude of events last year, plan now to join us in 2013!

Date Event
TBA Soup and Quackers
August, 2013 “Duck-O-Ration” Contest
September 22, 2013 Counting of the Flock and Chili Cook Off
TBA Very Important Duck (VID) Reception
September 28, 2013 14th Annual Darlin’ Duck Derby

Check out our line up of events for 2013, and visit our site often for updates on new and exciting events coming up!

August 2013

TBA- Soup and Quackers

This kickoff event starts things off with a bang! Hosted by a local restaurant, each of our corporate sponsors has an opportunity to size up the competition for this year’s Duck-O-Ration contest. In addition, they are all able to meet and greet and enjoy an evening of good food, fun, and high spirits. With a guest appearance by Waddles, the stage is set for a great time. If you miss this event, be sure to catch the ducks on tour throughout the month of September!

Thank you to ALL of our 2013 sponsors!

Stay tuned for pictures from this year’s event!

August – September 2013

“Duck-o-Ration” Contest is a moving display of rubber ducks that Corporate Sponsors decorate with so much creativity within the weeks leading up to the Derby. This comical array of company-decorated ducks goes on “tour” around Clayton County during the month of August and September. Throughout the tour, the public is given a chance to cast their vote for their choice of the favorite and best decorated duck. After the tour, the ballots are counted and the winner is granted the “People’s Choice” Award.

22nd – Counting of the Flock Party

All 4,000 ducks were stored last year to rest for this year’s event. The Counting of the Flock is the time to unpack, wash, clean, and count each duck for the Duck Derby race. This fun-filled event, held on September 22nd from 2PM to 4PM proves to be a good time as we enjoy fellowship, entertainment, and refreshments. For chili lovers, this is the best time to sample the area’s best homemade chili in our annual chili cook-off contest. We always bring our appetites and lots of enthusiasm cleaning ducks and eating chili. Thanks to Heritage Cadillac-SAAB Mitsubishi in Morrow for use of their facility!

Click here for pictures from last year’s event!

TBA – Very Important Duck (VID) Reception

This event allows us the opportunity to thank all of our sponsors for their participation and support. Door prizes are available for those in attendance.

Thank you to ALL of our 2013 sponsors!


28th – Darlin’ Duck Derby

Back on the grounds of the Jonesboro historical courthouse, located in Jonesboro, GA, is your chance to witness the fun and excitement of the Darlin’ Duck Derby. This year there are guaranteed CASH prizes. This year is the 15th Annual Darlin’ Duck Derby! If you missed race day last year, you missed a day of fun and duck-quacking excitement. Don’t miss out this year as all 4,000 numbered rubber ducks line up for the race. They waddle their way up to the starting line as the crowd cheers them on. They race to the finish line so that people with the lucky numbered ducks can win prizes. Each of the 4,000 ducks are prepared to participate in this breathtaking quacking experience of racing to the finish line as the local fire department uses water hoses to create a current that moves the ducks along the intricate watery race track. The first duck to cross the finish line enables a lucky person to win $2000.00 CASH, sponsored by Heritage Cadillac SAAB. An array of other prizes offer you many opportunities to have a great day at the race. Don’t miss out on this year’s event!!

Hope to see you this year at the 15th Annual Darlin’ Duck Derby!

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